Is your organization built to inspire and animate your people?

In partnership with pioneer Peopleink (1999), we provide schools, administrative offices, and entire education systems the proven framework and expert guidance to create an enviable, high-performance culture. We are a distributor in the education sector of people/ values-centric organizational development. An infrastructure proven to significantly outperform the traditional top-down archetype.

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Partner - Peopleink (1999)

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Are you familiar with culture leadership or the people/values-centric organizational model? The younger generation is. They are looking for "great/best places to work" high in inclusivity, trust, pride, and camaraderie. The organizations have tremendous competitive advantage because they have tapped into levels of energy and commitment which their competitors usually have difficulty matching. -

Built on Values®

Culture Leadership System

Improvement has traditionally focused on strategy & culture separately. We don't.

Improvement has traditionally focused on strategy & culture separately. We don't.

In partnership with Peopleink, we help you create and sustain an environment where people are inspired by a desire for significance and encouraged to act as leaders regardless of role. More specifically, we help you and your leadership team to:

  • Enlist everyone in a commitment to a shared purpose-inspired mission that speaks to them as individuals, ignites their passion, and unifies them in a meaningful endeavor.

  • Instill a deep commitment to values and a set of standards to which people at all levels can hold themselves accountable.

  • Build healthy, sustainable interdependency and connectedness among formal leaders, team members, customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

  • Create space by carefully promoting freedom from traditional constraints like hierarchy, and filling that space with carefully nurtured freedom to express oneself, experiment, and exercise leadership.

The process helps committed leaders shed their traditional authority hierarchy in return for significantly higher levels of resilience, employee loyalty, customer satisfaction/engagement, and organizational performance. 

“Values-Inspired Organizations Outperform”

See highlights below from the 2016 HOW Report (LRN)

Validated by The Center for Effective Organizations (USC)


“A Culture for Learning”

An investigation into the values and beliefs associated with effective schools

Research done by The Hay Group, a global management consulting firm. - A study of 134 public schools and over 4000 teachers.

A People or Values-Centric Workplace


Does a leader need to be the smartest person in the organization to achieve growth and customer satisfaction?  No. In fact, being the smartest person in the organization can actually impede growth.

A people-centric organization focuses on the individual and liberating his or her innovative power. This principle is based on a belief that people want to be creative and that an organization must provide them with a setting in which they can express their creativity.

A people-centric culture emphasizes transparency and openness, and therefore also trusts in employees. In its recruitment process, people-centric organizations place a great deal of emphasis on hiring the right people—people who can manage in a challenging environment and where there is a high level of empowerment. Many of the organization's offerings to its employees in the form of education are voluntary, and employees can decide whether to opt in. Each year, the organization removes unnecessary bureaucratic features in order to give each employee more freedom and to facilitate communication and collaboration between colleagues.