Background on Built On Values® for Schools

Research, Development, and '16-'17 School Year Engagements


2012-2014 initial Research and Development

A school turnaround specialist and already three year student and practitioner of best practices in organizational development (Matrixworks), Rich seized on the comprehensive and proven Built on Values. He thoroughly studied and researched the model, cross referencing key components with similar practices in Effective Schools.  Later he developed tools in preparation for a future implementation including necessary school specific adjustments. Finally, he made initial contact with creator Ann Rhoades who offered future support with the first implementation.


2014-2015 School Year, Practice  

The practice was completed by Rich during his fifth principalship. Basic resources and support were provided by expert People Ink consultant Gayle Watson thanks to sponsorship from creator/founder Ann Rhoades. The original goal was a full implementation K-12 (three schools) thanks to initial interest from all the directors. The school was in significant transition and Rich was without direct consulting support.  The Assessment, Values Blueprint® Phases and part of the Performance Management Phase were practiced.

The charter school “Exceeded Growth” state expectations following two years of “not meeting growth”. The recent turnover trend in families and employees reversed direction.  [Kestrel Heights Middle School, NC – an established charter school in transition.]

Related notes:

Built on Values® is highly recommended to be accompanied by consulting support unless the school is on very stable ground, well supported, able to take the process very slowly, and using online tools.  After 25 years, People Ink (Built on Values®) is beginning to share very helpful “tools” including the book and online resources while associated success is still well tied to expert consultant guidance.  

Built on Values® has proven to be dependent on a more servant minded leader.  Someone who will be comfortable in a people-centered style organization versus the traditional top-down, command/control model. She or he must be committed to being a model if not a champion of the Values.  Traditional command/control or early stage “heroic” leaders are not normally a good fit, even if the leadership team is fully on board.  The head of school must "walk the talk".


2015-2016 School Year, Pilot School

A fully supported, complete implementation in partnership with expert People Ink - thanks to continued sponsorship from Ann Rhoades and support from Gayle Watson.

Following two years of study, supported practice and recent consultant training, Rich is leading the first full implementation of Built on Values® in a school.  He is receiving consistent and extensive guidance from master People Ink senior consultant Gayle Watson and full access to all People Ink resources. 

The head of school has a significant background in the student-centered approach of project based learning.  She also has a consistent record of being very disciplined and engaged in her approach to students, staff, and families.  While new to the principal/director role and task/directive “heavy”, she knows well having been an excellent teacher for many years what her best people need if to stay and recruit others.  [She must "recruit" them everyday through her "people-centered" approach to leadership and organizing the school.]

The leadership team, board, faculty/staff and parent leadership group all received a separate overview of Built on Values before the initial assessment phase began.

The school started the process in November and expects to complete the implementation in June.  They have completed the foundational Assessment and Values Blueprint® phases and are now (April) rolling out their Values through the governing Values Committee.  The Communication, Hiring and Recognition/Rewards phases just started.  The phases are being rolled-out with consulting support by the core Values Committee - "those responsible for helping to bring the Values (and mission) alive". The final Performance Management (Accountability) phase will begin in May.

The school is on track to experience a significant jump in engagement (employee, student, & parent) and performance, and a significant reduction in turnover.  The school's Values Committee will receive support with integration the next two years, in alignment with their metrics (performance/engagement/turnover). [The Expedition School, NC – a new, 2nd year charter school.]


WINTER 2015-2016

"Built on Values® for Schools" was accepted into UNC's Launch Chapel Hill, a top five new business accelerator in North America.

Goal:  To launch Built on Values® for Schools in the Spring of 2016.


Initial LFS Engagements (in partnership with People ink)

2016-2017 School YeaR  

4-6 (max) schools

Special Introductory Rate

Gayle will continue to act as a expert resource on small school implementations.   They will directly partner on large school and district projects.  The small/regular size school rate for this introductory year is about 1/3 the established People Ink rate. Fundraising support is available assuming readiness.


2017-2018 School Year  

8-10 schools projected

Schools can "engage" as early as Summer/Fall ’16 in preparation for a Spring/Summer/Fall ’17 start.  Financials and the “Values Prep” must be in order prior to the school going under contract.  Fundraising support is available assuming readiness.