"Turnarounds" (public/private sector) succeed about thirty percent of the time.  Leaders who have excelled in other circumstances often fail when faced with a turnaround situation.  Degrees and years of experience are poor predictors of success, but specific turnaround competencies (habits of behavior and underlying motivations) and actions are.

Breakthrough consulting is for schools and central offices up against significant adversity but ready to move forward and embrace significant change. Assuming readiness, Rich directly supports the leader and his/her team to 1) effectively drive for results, 2) influence for results, 3) problem solve, and 3) show confidence to lead. Actions include:

  • Focusing on a few early wins; use the momentum

  • Lead a turnaround campaign

  • Get the right staff; align the remainder

  • Drive decisions with open-air data

  • Break organization norms

  • Do what works; raise the bar


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