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Situation (2014-Present)

  • Tammy Finch, Director of Education & Curriculum (new school administrator)

  • Patricia Brummitt, Director of Business & Operations (new school administrator)

  • New, 2013 public school, 326 students, K-8th grades. The values process began their 2nd year.

  • 2014 employee enthusiastic loyalty" was a -3 (eNPS), parent discontent (qualitative, 6-8th) was high, and student growth was barely “meeting” state standards

  • Wanted to go from “good” to “great”, unifying and elevating as an all new staff following a very challenging first year.


  • Enthusiastic loyalty (employee Net promoter score) increased by over 800% the second year. In three years, the eNPS rose to a 61.

  • ALL 24 indicators of parent engagement (Gallup) improved the second year, resulting in a 57 parent Net Promoter Score.

  • Student academic growth rose to “exceeding” the second year and there was a waiting list at all levels.

  • The Expedition School continues to well meet or exceed state academic standards. The school today is rated by Niche as one of the best public schools in the state.

97-100% Agreed or Strongly Agreed with each item

anonymous whole staff survey administered at the midway point in the process

  • I understand how the shared values and behaviors will help my team provide a consistent staff-student-parent experience across our school.

  • My principal is a role model and demonstrates the Shared Values and Behaviors on a daily basis.

  • I understand I am expected to demonstrate the Shared Values and Behaviors in addition to producing results.

  • I am committed to doing my part in adopting the Shared Values and Behaviors

- “How much everyone wanted to not only create a great environment for the kids but a great environment for the adults as well.”
- “The opportunity to be involved in a wonderful school environment.”
- “I appreciated the philosophy and values of the school and the focus on PBL.”
- “The school’s values.”
— THE EXPEDITION SCHOOL's anonymous follow-up survey to new staff, hired following the process

Situation (2007-Present)

  • Rutitha Fike, CEO

  • Dr. Gerald Winslow, VP of Mission & Culture

  • 100 year-old institution

  • 13,500 employees in five locations

  • 2006 Gallup patient satisfaction scores at 42%

  • Wanted to go from “good” to “great”

  • Large system client of partner of People Ink


  • After two-years, Gallup scores rose to 86%

  • Turnover from double-digits to single digits in several positions (e.g. environmental services down from 33% to 6%)

  • Values-based hiring used for the new heart hospital start-up

  • 2011 patient satisfaction scores in the new hospital were 99%. (Gallup authenticated)

Lots of people talk about changing (system) culture. Ann Rhoades knows how to do it.
— Dr. Gerald Winslow, Vice President of Mission and Culture, Loma Linda (California) University Hospitals