A Compelling Purpose is the Organization's "Philosophical Heartbeat"

A great strategy without a compelling purpose is like a beautiful highway that doesn't lead anywhere that people want to go.  Likewise, the best-conceived purpose-motivated strategy can come to naught if the organization's culture is incompatible with it or is infused with fear, distrust, and hostility. "Culture eats strategy for lunch."

The purpose represents the heart of any healthy and high performing organization. “Why we do it.”  A compelling or higher purpose is transcendent, energizing and inspiring for all stakeholders.  It gives tremendous energy and relevance to an organization and inspires employees, attracting the best people. You will find purpose at the heart of your favorite brands, best hospitals, thriving schools, and those recognized as “great places to work.”

What is the greater or compelling purpose of your school or central office?  Is it shared?  Does it drive and sustain your school’s commitment to employees, students, parents, and the community?