Most leaders know that a winning, engaged culture is the key to attracting top talent and performance. BUT...they don’t know HOW to establish the ideal workplace.
— Ann Rhoades, co-founder of partner People Ink. People Ink is behind some of most trusted organizations in the world including in the field of patient-centered medicine. Dr. Stephen Covey convinced Ann to share the process through the book, Built on Values.

Our process provides you the proven framework and expertise to…

1) Develop the Commitment

Evaluate the alignment of the current culture with the strategic or improvement goals, and overall, with the institution’s collective sense of greater purpose.

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2) Map out the Culture

Draft as a community or as representatives, a "blueprint" of the desired values and the associated behaviors behind each. Work guided by the Purpose, Culture Snapshot, and Intended Outcomes.


3) Integrate the Behaviors

Design and implement a plan for integrating the Values/Behaviors into the current systems of communication, recruiting & hiring, rewards & recognition, and shared accountability.

4) Sustain the Discipline

Develop a very simple means of representing the institution’s culture & performance metrics, and a governing structure linked to the Leadership Team. One designed to monitor the organization’s alignment.

Nothing is as productive or satisfying. Everyone feels the effects... the administration, faculty, staff, board, and most importantly, the students.

What people are saying

Having a people-centric culture, that is, one that nurtures your employees and your students-parents, can help your school system stand out from the competition. If you are new to the superintendency and/or your board and team is ready to go to the next level, consider speaking with Rich. We were impressed by our experience and hope to work with him and PeopleInk again.
— Dr. Tim Markley, Superintendent of New Hanover County Schools and chair of the "big eight" leadership group, the largest school districts in North Carolina.
As a new school, I wanted everyone to be able to clearly explain our culture and mission. I also wanted something to unite our school and to be able to create a great place for our kids to learn and grow and a great place to work for our staff. Built-on-Values provided a clear structure and guidance to do this deep work. The process has pushed us to grow a lot as a staff.
— Tammy Finch, Director of The K-8 Expedition School. An early client and one of the highest achieving schools in the state. *See Case Studies page.
Teacher turnover is much more than a pipeline, preparation, and pay issue. It is an organizational alignment problem. Great schooIs are a reflection of their culture and/or community. Principals, including great ones, come and go. I know this having spent my life in education. Rich knows this well too and he is not just talking about it. He is doing something about it!
— Dr. Charles Coble, national leader on teacher preparation and development, and former Education Commission of the States VP

Who we serve

State Ed Chiefs

Distributing today’s evidence-based leadership model, through a customer-service framework.


Heads of School

Creating and sustaining great places to work, and in return, learn.


Rolling down/out effective culture.


Leaders in Higher Ed

Modeling and developing, Moral Leadership.

Challenge the status quo. Get results in a different way.
Help create a new future in education.


LeadingSchools Forward (2017)


People Ink (1999)

Organizations with engaged employees outperform others by 47% to 202%.
— Watson-Wyatt Research

How we help


Create the ideal workplace


Attract and keep top talent


Create an engaged workforce


Provide great service


Outperform the competition

Establish great teams


Instill a deep commitment

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Bring forth the best in people

About Us

We are dedicated to helping education authorities institute momentum.

Founder Rich Sinclair is a people-centric, multi-talented and innovative Education Leadership Professional with 25 plus years of experience. Before starting LSF, Rich led the transformation of four schools K-12. His sixth year mentor/partner is Gayle Watson, the lead consultant for authority People Ink. She has helped create cultures in healthcare, higher education, financial services, retail, technology, and non-profit industries. READ MORE ▸

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An organization’s culture is more important than its leadership.
— Deloitte Survey of 3,300 Executives.


Purpose Synopsis

The single most important requirement for the creation of higher levels of trust (the catalyst behind performance) for any organization is to discover or rediscover the higher purpose of the organization. 


Leadership Synopsis

It doesn't matter if an organization has a singular purpose if the leadership doesn't understand it and seek to serve it.



Engagement Synopsis

Engagement is an individual's sense of purpose and focused energy, evident in the display of personal initiative, adaptability, effort and persistence toward organizational goals. 


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How is your culture? Do people consistently do the right thing or go above and beyond? And ultimately, is the behavior of your team inspiring those leaders "below" to follow your example?

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How well is your system or school rolling out/down effective culture?

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The Commission staff had found just as much frustration, if not more, among principals and central office staff. No one felt that they had the authority they needed to do the job they were being held accountable for. Teachers and principals were settling for much less than they knew it would take to do the job because it had always been this way.
— Tough Choices, Tough Times Report (NCEE)