Is your school a great place to work?

If so, is it set up to sustain itself after your tenure?

We provide the system, processes, and coaching for schools to establish and sustain a united workplace culture that brings forth the best in their people - where accomplishment, inspiration, innovation as well as support and satisfaction are normal. 

[Teachers average 31% engagement.  Great places to work average 65%.]

We Help Ambitious Schools LIVE Their Mission

How do we do that? By helping them discover their singular purpose, establish their Values ("story"), and align their positioning, people and achievement with it.

The result? A school that serves the needs of leadership, students & parents, employees and community. Success.

The best schools are driven by purpose, not performance. 

Hallmarks Of Purpose-Driven Organizations:

Higher Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, and Retention

Increased Performance & Growth

Efficiency (Use of Monies)

A Compelling Mission and Vision

Cleary Defined Singular Purpose

The Path To Purpose Is The Path To Performance, Shared Value And Happiness.

The world’s most successful brands have realized that their financial success and longevity lies not in simply chasing earnings from quarter to quarter, but in aligning their pursuits and values with the “why” of their customers. Purpose-driven brands appeal to their customer’s deepest needs and are rewarded accordingly. When a brand aligns itself with a purpose bigger than its products and services, these rewards create shared value for all stakeholders.


Rich Sinclair, LFS Founder & Managing Partner


Rich is a former school turnaround specialist. The district supervisor on his last turnaround "job" was emotional upon first visiting the school. She could not believe how quickly the school had turned around. "Amazing." [Rich's personality type while especially unique to education, makes for a great fit with strategy.] After leading three turnarounds in six years, Rich shifted gears and began to study organizational models less about and dependent on him as the traditional leader at the top.  

Rich has spent the last seven years studying and practicing under Mukara Meredith,"Working with Groups as Living Systems" and Ann Rhoades, "Creating Enviable Cultures that Outperform the Competition". Their practices are utilized by some of the best teams, highest performing organizations and "great places to work" in the world.

Before becoming a principal, Rich was called by his last two principals one of the best teachers they had ever seen. He is forever grateful to a great teacher being in his life, early on.

"You will not find many, and perhaps any, as capable as Rich." - US Sen. Michael Bennet, former Superintendent of Denver Public Schools ("The highest trained principals in the Country") and Finalist for Secretary of Education.

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