The elements of the process including the Values/Behaviors, Hiring Right, Creative Recognition/Rewards, Shared Accountability, and Leadership Coaching & Development are based in the belief that “Authentic leadership exists where foundation, beliefs, words and actions are completely aligned.” and “Developing the minds and hearts of leaders.” are critical to organizational success.

The Values process started thirty years ago at an organization known for breaking all the industry rules including first and foremost, by putting their people first. The model transformed the industry and continues to be studied in business schools from Stanford to Harvard and largely replicated in workplaces across professions.

"It’s the creative thinking, unique perspectives and individual dreams of many that continue to help us transform the world and shatter barriers in the healthcare industry." - The teaching hospitals continue to be highly recognized as one of the top systems in the country. The organization went through the Values process twelve years ago. Their vision is Transforming Lives Through Education, Healthcare and Research.

Another hospital that has gone through the Values process and following, recognized seven years in a row as a Top 100 Hospital. Their mission is Remarkable Always.

The next step for the US public education system is the work organization.
— Andreas Schleicher, coordinator of the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment. ("World Class: How to Build a 21st Century School System" - by FutureEd)

"We don't accept the industry standard, and standout proudly because of it." - The Values process was used to start the organization before anyone was hired. They have won the JD Power Customer Satisfaction Award twelve years in a row. Their mission is to Inspire Humanity.

Following the process, the banking organization rose to the top of the industry. Their mission is to Create Engaged, Lifelong Relationships.

Reform needs to move from ensuring compliance to capturing the intrinsic commitment of the profession.
— Michael Fullan, a worldwide authority on education reform

TTUHSC is the largest trainer of patient-centered healthcare professions in Texas. - It is the third time through for the veteran chief people officer, featured at the beginning of the video. He has brought the process to one medical center and now, two health sciences centers.

Juniper Life is about showcasing all the aspects of what makes us unique. Here is a snippet of our amazing culture, people and company. Their mission is Together, We Can Connect Everything and Empower Everyone. They continue to be recognized as a leader in their industry.