We help leaders and their teams to align around the core essentials that drive their collective success, building their organization for the long term.

A) Establishing a Compelling Purpose


We help organizations to create and establish a collective sense of purpose. You will find purpose at the heart of your favorite brands, best hospitals, thriving schools, and those recognized as “great places to work.” Schools and central offices led by a greater purpose inspire trust from all of their stakeholders and the larger communities they exist in.  

What is the greater or compelling purpose of your school or central office?  Is it shared?  Does it drive and sustain your commitment to employees, students, parents, and the community?  By becoming purpose led organizations create more community, mutuality, and paradoxically, more achievement because it engages all the stakeholders in the system in a mutually beneficial way. It gives tremendous energy and relevance to an organization and inspires employees, attracting the best people. 

B) Leadership Consulting and Team Alignment

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We focus in particular on helping blind spots diminish, allowing for things that are outside of the leader(s) awareness to come into focus - giving them more choice and freedom to bring their best self forward.  The areas of concentration include 1) better motivating their employees, 2) asserting themselves to overcome obstacles, 3) creating a culture of accountability, 4) building trusting relationships and 5) making informed, unbiased decisions for the good of their team and organization.  

C) turnaround Consulting


Rich directly supports the leader and his/her team to 1) effectively drive for results, 2) influence for results, 3) problem solve, and 3) show confidence to lead. Turnaround consulting is for schools and central offices up against significant adversity but ready to move forward and embrace significant change.

"Turnarounds" (public/private sector) succeed about thirty percent of the time.  Leaders who have excelled in other circumstances often fail when faced with a turnaround situation.  Degrees and years of experience are poor predictors of success, but specific turnaround competencies (habits of behavior and underlying motivations) and actions are. [Schoolturnarounds.org] Actions include:

  • Focusing on a few early wins; use the momentum

  • Lead a turnaround campaign

  • Get the right staff; align the remainder

  • Drive decisions with open-air data

  • Break organization norms

  • Do what works; raise the bar