The hierarchical leadership style of the 20th century is fading fast in favor of today’s empowering and collaborative leaders. In today’s organizations people want to make meaningful contributions to the world through their work. They seek opportunities to lead now, not to wait their turn as previous generations. They yearn to see their leaders not as figureheads, but as real people, authentically struggling with challenges just as they do. 

We help leaders and their teams(s) to make a significant difference in their school or central office, building their organization for the long term. We focus in particular on helping their blind spots diminish, allowing for things that are outside of their awareness to come into focus - giving them more choice and freedom to bring their best self forward.  The areas of concentration include 1) better motivating their employees, 2) asserting themselves to overcome obstacles, 3) creating a culture of accountability, 4) building trusting relationships and 5) making informed, unbiased decisions for the good of their team and organization.