While leaders today know the importance of organizational culture, many still struggle to firmly grasp how to use their culture as a key driver of performance.  Our approach uses highly engaging means to assess and measure organizational culture in tangible ways that help leaders use it as a lever for change. 


Our services support our schools and central offices in strengthening the following types of performance cultures:

INNOVATION:  A trusting environment creates the space for questioning, experimentation, learning, discovery and ultimately innovation – in any corner of the organization.

QUALITY: By increasing open communication and focusing on processes, results, and learning, schools and central offices can reduce errors and provide quality experiences and services to their employees, students and parents.

IMPLEMENTATION: Setting clear objectives, metrics, communication and time frames all contribute to achieving desired results. LSF supports schools and central offices in assessing how various aspects of culture may help or hinder the organization's ability to get things done and then to make the needed changes for accomplishing desired outcomes.

SUSTAINABLE:  Aligning the school or central office with behaviors and strategies aimed at sustainability. 

CULTURE OF SERVICE:  We support our schools and central offices in making sure their culture promotes service excellence and is designed in such a way to focus on the student, parent, and employee experience.