People Ink helps organizations create legacy cultures that treat people fairly, build loyalty, and produce solid success.

With creativity, humor, and fun, People Ink encourages leaders to throw away the rule book and develop a sustaining organizational culture that believes in people's ability to accomplish the extraordinary, thereby giving them the authority to succeed.

Since 1999, they have provided a systematic solution for organizations to:

  • Attract and keep top talent
  • Create an engaged workforce
  • Provide great customer service, and 
  • Outperform the Competition

People Ink has a wide range of experience in several industries including airlines, technology, health care, financial services, education, customer service, and hospitality. Although they have all grown up to become professionals, they are never far from the creativity of their youth.

They are experienced culture creators who believe you cannot force culture you can only create environment.  What they are not:

  • Traditional Human Resources
  • Conformists
  • Enforcers
  • "Rule Makers"
  • Inside-the-Box Thinkers
  • Command and Control Freaks
  • The "Inc." in a big Company