Rich Sinclair

Founder & Managing Partner

Rich specializes in aligning schools K-12 with desired outcomes. His passion is realizing what’s possible through aligning truth, purpose, people, strategy and belief.  He has over 20 years of experience as a teacher, principal/director, and consultant in a diverse mix of models, communities, and schools K through 12 including traditional, college prep, project based, Malcolm Baldridge, dual language; rural, suburban, elite, inner-city; and district, charter, private. Prior to becoming a consultant Rich was a school turnaround specialist. He led the turnaround of three schools. Two that were being considered for closure due to continued decline and a third that had been shut down for a week by the superintendent in the year prior, due to out of control gang related behavior. He would not be where he is today if not for realizing early on “what's possible” thanks to a very special teacher. She helped him to eventually see himself through her eyes, transforming his life. Her impact led to him later being called one of the best teachers ever seen by his last two principals before becoming a principal. Rich met his wife Amy in the Peace Corps (Uganda). They live with their ten year old son Cole in Chapel Hill, North Carolina not far from extended family. Rich enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring NC with family, friends, and their lab Sadie. 

“You will not find many, and perhaps any, as capable as Rich." – US Sen. Michael Bennet, Past finalist for US Secretary of Education and Superintendent of Denver Public Schools - "The highest trained principals in the country."