School Funding and Sponsors


Fundraising support is available when needed.  The vision of LSF is to help schools, no matter their financial means to create and sustain great places for faculty, staff, and students to learn, grow, develop and flourish.   

Sponsor or Co-Sponsor a School

Your support can help a school to bring their mission to life. Are you interested in sponsoring a school or leading a fundraising initiative in your area or region?  Contact LSF to discuss sponsorships. 

Is Built on Values® worth the investment?

  • Organizations with engaged employees outperform others by 47% to 202% (Watson-Wyatt).
  • Strong school cultures save in costs on turnover (10-30% of the salary depending on school/district), attendance (disengaged teachers miss twice the rate of engaged teachers) and significantly outperform the average.  
  • Great schools serving high poverty populations have been consistently shown to be game changers in the community.
  • How much time and/or money is spent in your school or district on top down programs, directives, evaluations, meetings, mandates and work overall, where the emotional investment is low?
  • How valuable is the engagement level of your children's teachers and principal?  What happens to student engagement (55% average and drops off precipitously starting at 5th grade) if the school workplace culture begins to thrive?  
  • Great places to work average 65% engagement and above, compared to 31% for teachers - the number one predictor of student engagement.  A one-percentage-point uptick in a school’s average student engagement has been found tied to an average six-point increase in reading achievement and eight points in math.