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Is Built on Values® for Schools worth the investment?

  • Organizations with engaged employees outperform others by 47% to 202% (Watson-Wyatt).
  • Strong school cultures save in costs on turnover (10-30% of the salary depending on school/district), attendance (disengaged teachers miss twice the rate of engaged teachers) and significantly outperform the average.  
  • Great schools serving high poverty populations have been consistently shown to be game changers in the community.
  • How much time and/or money is spent in your school or district on top down programs, directives, evaluations, meetings, mandates, and work overall where the emotional investment is low?
  • How valuable is the engagement level of your children's teachers and principal?  What happens to student engagement (55% average and drops off precipitously starting at 5th grade) if the school workplace culture begins to thrive?  
  • Great places to work average 65% engagement and above, compared to 31% for teachers - the number one predictor of student engagement.  
  • A one-percentage-point uptick in a school’s average student engagement has been found tied to an average six-point increase in reading achievement and eight points in math.   
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