We help leadership teams to understand the reality of where the organization is today, where they can be tomorrow; ultimately working towards a realistic, integrated and accountable roadmap to success.


We start with the current state of the school, central office or system learned from interviews, discussions and other data points and then we identify the desired future state – where the organization wants to go?  We then offer practical and structured advice to help the head and their team to develop the aligned strategies and solutions.


After identifying the current state, we support our client in determining and realizing the “to-be” state through action plans based on our professional advice and guidance.


We support our clients in engaging key stakeholders in an inclusive and participatory process. Establishing effective communication with stakeholders is the backbone to obtaining buy-in and participation across the organization. We work with our clients to determine the most appropriate channels, formats, and frequency to communicate with their staff and overall stakeholders. 


We support our clients to make sure current organizational processes are understood, documented, and analyzed. Next, together we better align and update the processes or if deemed necessary, start over – fundamentally rethinking and creating all-new processes.

Project ManagemenT

We help our clients take a thoughtful approach to managing and leading their organizations through change so that they can mitigate risk, drive desired behavior throughout the organization and ensure that these changes are quickly embedded into the “way people do things” in the day-to-day. We work with our clients to continually assess progress against goals and guide the project to success.